phoencia diner

New this season at Maverick Concerts! Food for purchase will be available at Saturday and Sunday concerts. Food provided by Phoencia Diner. Affordable, local beers and wines.  Locally sourced familiar dishes with a modern twist.  They’ll have entrees as well as some fun snacks and they would never forget to bring some of their famous Fruition chocolate chip and oatmeal pecan cookies.

Built in 1962 and moved to the Catskills in the early 80s, the Phoenicia Diner has a long history of serving customers who are drawn to the Catskill’s natural beauty. The prior owners nurtured the Diner and its customers for nearly 30 years. Current owner, Mike Cioffi, continues that tradition by offering residents, weekenders and visitors fresh food sourced from Catskills and Hudson Valley farms when available. Their menu is carefully crafted to offer traditional diner favorites, sometimes with a modern twist, using seasonal and local fresh ingredients.