SOUND OF CERES Emerald Sea Release Show
Presented by Chosen Family

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Chosen Family presents

6PM Doors / 7PM Show with special guest TBA

This event is pew-style, first come first serve seating.
Maverick is a covered, open air concert hall.
Food and Drink will be available on site.

**Covid-19 Proof of Vax Required (or 48hr PCR neg test) For Entry / Masks encouraged**

Emerald Sea, the new stage show from New York-based audiovisual project Sound of Ceres, tells the story of how the universe comes to know itself. Through a dazzling suite of songs inspired by Les Baxter’s midcentury exotica, Maurice Ravel’s ballet Daphnis et Chloé, and Gustav Holst’s The Planets, Emerald Sea studies intimacy on both an interpersonal scale and a cosmological one. Connection and severance, joy and grief, wonder and bewilderment all tumble through its scope. In the widest frame, the universe begins, meets itself, and ends. In the closest frame, two people encounter each other, grow close, and then separate. These stories are two views of the same fractal. In every intimacy human beings cultivate, every rush of connection, no matter how fleeting, we reenact the universe for ourselves.

In its current cycle, Sound of Ceres is Derrick Bozich, songwriter, harpist, and flautist; Jacob Graham, synthesist, costumer, and light designer; k Hover, vocalist, lyricist, costumer, and choreographer; and Ryan Hover, songwriter and producer. Emerald Sea, the live show is a theatrical companion to their third full-length record, released June 17th, 2022 that featured narration by Marina Abramović.

By: Sasha Geffen


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