NEXUS 50th Birthday Bash with special guest Paul Winter

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Bob Becker
Bill Cahn
Russell Hartenberger
Garry Kvistad

Paul Winter, soprano saxophone
Henrique Eisenmann, piano


NEXUS are internationally revered, not just for their virtuosity both as individual and group performers and their innovation and creativity, but for their ability to create extraordinary music out of just about anything: Swiss cowbells, Chinese drums, Tibetan prayer bowls, Middle Eastern hand drums, and Southeast Asian water buffalo bells, to name just a few. They create a staggering array of sounds and tones out of the broadest array of percussion instruments imaginable. With a repertoire ranging from military music to the novelty ragtime of the 1920s, from the haunting rhythms of Africa to the groundbreaking compositions of John Cage and Steve Reich, NEXUS delivers a stunningly virtuosic spectacle of sound, rhythm, and movement.

Seven-time Grammy® winner Paul Winter has a body of work that chronicles his wide-ranging experiences in the musical traditions and natural environments of the Earth. The saxophonist, composer and bandleader founded Living Music as the recording context for his ensemble, the Paul Winter Consort, and his community of colleagues, which includes some of the world’s finest jazz, world, and classical musicians, along with notable voices from the great symphony of wildlife.

Henrique Eisenmann is a pianist and composer with Brazilian heritage in his blood and New York City in his heart.

Sponsored by the Kvistad Foundation

Students: $10
Indoors: Tier 1: $45.00, Tier 2: $27.50, Tier 3: $24.00
Outdoors: $20.00 (benches but uncovered)

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