A Soundscape Experience

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$16.50 – $33.00

Featuring Tarun Nayar & John Michelotti

Science and Art come together as we appreciate the transformative power of fungi and celebrate more-than-human worlds.

Tarun Nayar / Modern Biology is a viral ‘mushroom musician’ who creates soundscapes from the bioelectric changes in plants and mushrooms. He’s invited some of his favourite mycologists, ecologists, poets and musicians to celebrate the plant and fungal kingdoms and inspire hope and resilience.

Expect a short scientific talk, poetry and musical performances, culminating in a live plant and mushroom music experience by Modern Biology in which listeners are encouraged to ‘try on’ plant and fungal consciousness, and expand their awareness to these more-than-human worlds. Also expect great sound and some amazing projection mapping in this gorgeous and historic church.

About the artist:

Modern Biology has brought ‘plant music’ to the masses. Originally educated as a biologist, veteran musician Tarun Nayar brings his passion for nature and sound together in an ambient project that is organismic, immediate, uplifting, and deeply contextual. He uses modular synthesis, home built synthesizers and other analog equipment to improvise with the natural vibrations of a certain place and time – via plant bioelectricity, latent electromagnetic radiation, and even the earth’s resonant hum. Trained from childhood in Indian classical music, he uses the system of Indian raga to mold his musical choices for time of day and season. His performances are an effort to bring the listener into the present moment through vibration, space, and connection.

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