Maverick Family Saturdays Sponsor: $500 or more

Event Sponsor: $2,000

Concert Sponsor: $3,000

Jazz Series Sponsor: $4,000

Chamber Series Sponsor: $4,000

Presto Festival Sponsor: $6,000

The performing artists selected to present at our concerts are among the most accomplished and prestigious in the world. The level of skill they present is the core of the organization’s artistic and historical significance. We depend largely on our loyal supporters to help us keep operational expenses and ticket costs down while reasonably accommodating artists of such prominence and brilliance.

As acclaim for Maverick Concerts continues to intensify, 2024 Festival sponsorships are viable marketing and public relations vehicles for companies interested in high-profile branding opportunities. While Maverick Concerts attracts history and music enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds, our 5000+ visitors per year predominantly represent the most sought-after demographics in the local and regional marketplace. By supporting Maverick Concerts, businesses can enhance their brands and communicate key messages to our diverse and ever-expanding audiences.

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Borromeo at Maverick Concerts