Maverick Concerts continually strives to ensure that our venue, performances and amenities are fully accessible to patrons of all abilities. As we continue to examine and enhance our services to visitors with accessibility needs, we encourage input and feedback from our patrons and supporters. Here are the accessible services we offer to make your visits to the concert hall most enjoyable.

Accessible Entrances

Designated parking spaces are conveniently located near the concert hall. Entrances to the concert hall are accessible; restrooms are properly equipped for patrons with disabilities. The ticket booth and concession stand are at ground level.

Accessible Seating

The Maverick concert hall has several locations where patrons can remain in their wheelchairs and enjoy performances and talks. Patrons are encouraged to purchase tickets online which are marked as wheelchair-seat locations or to request them well in advance by emailing us at or by calling 845.241.7721.

Assisted Seating

Beginning one hour before performances begin, the Stage Manager and Ushers may assist ticket holders with wheelchairs or mobility aids to accessible seating locations. Mobility aids that cannot be safely stored near the patron’s seat will be securely situated just outside the concert hall as closely as possible. The Stage Manager makes every effort to assist patrons needing assistance getting from parking lot to the hall or to restrooms, concessions or ticket booth.

Assistive Listening

Assistive listening devices are available to enhance the concert-going experience of our patrons who are hearing impaired. Patrons are encouraged to request devices well in advance by contacting us at 845.241.7721.

Large Print

We can arrange for large print programs with a three day notice.

Service Animals

Dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability are welcome, along with their handlers, at Maverick Concerts.

Service animals must be harnessed or leashed and housebroken. If a service animal behaves in an unacceptable way and the person with a disability does not control the animal, Maverick Concerts reserves the right to deny access to performances. Uncontrolled barking, jumping on other patrons, or running away from handlers, are examples of unacceptable behaviors for a service animal at Maverick Concerts.

Maverick at Night, photo by Simon Russell

photo by Simon Russell